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For those who are considering donating to this cause, please know that you will be just as much a miracle worker as the doctors themselves. To be able to give someone a gift of sight is just as amazing as being able to give them the gift of life—because it is a new life. This is a new life for me. Read More

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Our Mission

The mission of Center For Sight Foundation is to see beyond the financial circumstances of those in need and to deliver sight saving surgery, so that no one suffers visual loss due to a surgically treatable condition.

About the Foundation

Center For Sight Foundation is dedicated to restoring vision to those who can least afford the required care.

Vision Restored

Grateful patients share what it means to have received the gift of sight. Click on the video below to learn how your contribution can change lives.


Center for Sight Foundation is fortunate to be based in a community that appreciates the value of a life well lived and demonstrates this through consistent, generous gifting toward those who are less fortunate. It is because of thoughtful people like you that Center For Sight Foundation can help restore vision to those who otherwise would experience serious visual impairment, or even blindness, due to cataracts.

Receive the Gift of Sight

If you suspect you have a cataract or other treatable eye condition, do not have medical insurance, are living at or below the current year's Department of Health and Human Services poverty guidelines and are a U.S. resident, you may qualify for help. Click below to determine if you or someone you know is eligible for this sight-saving program.

Recent News & Events

Sep. 4
Greater Good Awards Winner in Health Care Division Dr. David Shoemaker wins the Health Care Division Greater Good Awards from Biz941 for his selfless participation in Mission Cataract, giving back to the community for the past 20 years!
Jul. 18
Mission Cataract - The Gift of Clarity Center For Sight in Sarasota completed Mission Cataract 2015 on Wednesday, July 15, giving free cataract surgery to over 100 patients who would otherwise be unable to afford it. Mission Cataract is funded solely by donations and the donated time of Center For Sight's staff and facilities.
Jul. 15
Center For Sight to Complete Over 100 Donated Cataract Surgeries for Uninsured Patients on July 15, 2015 Houston Style Magazine reports on Center For Sight's participation in Mission Cataract 2015. Read more ...
Jul. 10
Center For Sight Donates Over 100 Free Cataract Surgeries for Uninsured Patients Nationally Recognized Surgeons Continue Participation in Annual Mission Cataract Program.